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-Satisfied Customer

-Satisfied Customer

-Satisfied Customer

"When is the season this year to stop by your wagon and pick up the best grapefruit I've ever tasted?  I usually get about several bags of the grapefruit as I share them with family and neighbors!"

"Thank you for the excellent ORGANIC fruit available at your stand at Borrego Springs!  I will enjoy your produce every year upon my return to the area."

Stand Stories: 

"We have been gorging on your roadside grapefruit during our short visit to Borrego Springs.  They are soooo Good!  Thank You!

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About Seley Ranches

Seley Ranches is a family owned citrus orchard located in Southern California's Anza-Borrego Valley. Founded in 1957, by the late Hal Seley, the family is now entering its fourth generation of growers, and a half-century of family farming. Over the years, Seley Ranches has developed a reputation for quality citrus and a loyal customer following; ranging from the annual patrons of our produce stand to the selective markets of Japan, Europe and Australia. 

​ Located just outside the largest state park in the nation, the Anza-Borrego Valley provides some of the nations most impressive natural desert terrain, as well as the ideal growing conditions for citrus. The surrounding mountain ranges, with peaks of over 6,200 feet (6,000 feet above the desert floor), create an ideal micro-climate; sun and warm temperatures, and protection from weather and pests. Additionally, these ranges capture moisture from Pacific storms, supporting over fifteen year-round springs that feed the desert aquifer below. This combination of microclimate, deep, well-drawn water and sandy desert soil provide the perfect conditions for a healthy desert citrus orchard.

Best known for its Seley Reds, the orchard now produces a wide variety of Grapefruit (Marsh Ruby and Rio Red), Tangerines (Daisy and Minneola), and Lemons (Lisbon and Eureka) . Each of these varieties is selected to provide the best balance of quality fruit and their ability to flourish in the desert environment and organic farming practices.

​ Seley Ranches is continually mindful and committed to producing organic citrus of the best quality while maintaining an utmost respect for the environment. Seley Ranches produces its organic citrus with organic fertilizers, integrated pest management and the latest in water conservation practices. Keeping with our organic theme we also don't use animal products or by-products which should make our Vegan consumers happy.