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Seley Ranches & WorldWater Unveil World’s Largest Solar Irrigation Pumping System
PENNINGTON, NJ, 12/10/05: WorldWater & Power Corporation, maker of solar energy systems, today unveiled the world's largest solar-powered irrigation pumping system during a commissioning ceremony at Seley Ranches, Borrego Springs, CA.
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An article from "Men's Health" Magazine
about the health benefits of grapefruit

They Say It's Better Than Broccoli

If you want to make one simple dietary change for better health, the best thing you can do is eat a single white or ruby grapefruit every day. Grapefruit is gaining around as a power food. New research shows that it can fight heart disease and cancer, trigger your body to lose weight, and even help you get a better night's sleep.

A Grapefruit a Day Can....

Increase your energy level by 43 percent

Reduce narrowing of the arteries by 46 percent

Help you feel less hungry between meals

Lower your total cholesterol and LDL (bad)
cholesterol levels by 8 and 11 percent, respectively

Reduce your risk of developing lung cancer by up to 50%
Help you lose up to 20 pounds of year

Lower your blood pressure by more than 10 points in the top
number and 5 points in the bottom

Improve the quality of your sleep by 64 percent


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