Home of the famous 'Seley Reds'

Minneolas are a flavorful Tangerine-like fruit that boast of a reddish-orange color, a loose skin (great for peeling!) and few seeds. On an annual basis, approximately 150,000 pounds are produced. Their is a limited growing season, spanning the month of January and February.

Our 139 acres of Lemon orchards consist of the Eureka and Lisbon varieties. Both varieties share similar characteristics with the exception of their growing seasons: Eureka typically starting sooner. By combining both varieties, we have been able to enjoy an extended growing season, lasting from October through December.

Our flagship product since 1967, Seley Reds are known throughout the world for their sweet flavor, their deep reddish color, and their thin, unblemished yellow skin. During the 2017 growing season, the Grapefruit orchards produced over 6.9 million pounds of fruit! The Grapefruit crop consists of two varieties:
Marsh Ruby
- the original "Seley Reds". Sweet, thin skinned and
with a low acidity level; making for a heavy, sweet fruit. Season
extends from November through April.
Rio Reds - originally developed in Texas and modified for desert
conditions. Similar in flavor to the Marsh Ruby, but with a deeper
red color and a later maturing season (November through April).
The "Daisy" variety produces an exceptionally sweet, seeded fruit. On an annual basis, production levels can fluctuate dramatically with a target production level of approximately 350,000 pounds. The season extends from November through December.
Farming Practices 
All of Seley Ranches' products are certified organic; holding certifications with the Guaranteed Organic Certification Agency (GOCA) and in compliance with all applicable National Organic Program (NOP) standards. Seley Ranches fully supports sustainable agriculture. The most visible result has come from our solar program. In 2004, we installed solar panels to power our wells and other equipment. These panels produce enough energy to power 38,183 single family homes per day and have helped us to avoid over 2,376,781 pounds of CO2 from being release into the atmosphere. This is just a start and we will continue to strive for further advancements in sustainable agriculture.
Citrus Fruits
Seley Ranches is a 400 acre citrus orchard with four key products; Grapefruit, Tangerines, Minneolas and Lemons. Each product consists of one or more varieties with different characteristics and growing seasons. (Details for each product are listed above.) In addition, Seley Ranches has developed an on-going program to continually replace its orchards, ensuring that its production and quality levels are at their finest.